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Please read this, every Pussycat Dolls-fan!

I just wanted to tell everyone that I won't update this site anymore in the future...  My love for the burlesque/cabaret kind of thing made me adore the Pussycat Dolls, when I first heard of them in 2002. I loved their style of dancing, and their versions of the old goodies, such as Hey Big Spender and Fever. I feel so lucky that I made the first Pussycat Dolls fansite, and all the good critics from you guys, was just amazing. You rock!

But, my interest for the Pussycat Dolls just faded away, and I can't say I love them as much as I did before. I still love the girls, I really do, but I don't have the patience to look for all the hot news anymore, because I feel that, the thing I fell in love with in 2002, isn't there anymore. I think you should have kept the underground feeling, Dolls! The music I love can't be found in your new stuff either, so... Well, I'm really sorry... But I have to be honest.

For the Dolls:

Kim, I love reading your e-mails, you're so down to earth, and so sweet, and you know I think you're the hottest dancer!! I hope we can stay in touch!!

Ashley, you're so gorgeous, and I adore you! Thank you for reading my e-mails, and for having the patience to answer them! I know I'm a babble-mouth sometimes!!

Robin, thank you sooo much for creating the Pussycat Dolls!! You're the bomb!

Jessica, you're so beautiful, and so cool! Wish I could have seen more of you!

Carmit, oh my god, where to start? You're amazing, girl! I love your dance moves and I wish you all the best in your dancing career!

Nic, you're voice is amazing!!

Melody, wow, I love your voice so much!  You're the cutest doll, and I love seeing your smile! :D

And as for the past dolls Cyia Batten, Staci Flood, Kasey Campbell, Nadine Ellis... You have all been my favorites!! Staci, you're so sweet, and just amazingly gorgeous! Kasey, wow, what a dancer! Nadine, I just think you are amazing!! And last but not least, Cyia, I will love you for eternity! You're God's gift from heaven!!

Ok, this is the last words... Go to my friend Ashley's site from now on(http://ashley122002.tripod.com/), her site kicks ass! ;)

God bless ya!

xoxo Elin


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