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Robin about a doll; “She’s funny, she has a sense of humor. She’s smart. She's really hot”


Robin; “Pussycat Dolls are ‘rock and roll burlesque’.”


Robin about the dolls; “They're gum chewing, wacky girls who are sexy but campy and have a sense of humor.”


Robin; “The most important that Pussycat Dolls appear 'underground,'”

Christina Applegate; “It's classy enough that you don't remember that you're half-naked on stage.”

Carmen about the show; ”It’s all class and it's the tease without the strip.”


Robin about popularity; “Famous people were telling each other: 'You just have to go see these girls, they're hot.' It wasn't a sleazy thing.' and 'The girls appear to strip and it's all very sexy, but in fact they keep their clothes on’.”

Carmen about stripping; “We take off corsets and gloves. It has a striptease element but we don't really take our costumes off”

Robin about finding dolls; “We're looking for really, really hot girls - insanely beautiful girls with beautiful voices. We're looking for a triple threat, or at least a double. They have to really, really sing and really, really dance. That's the beauty of the Pussycat Dolls. We already have a few girls who can sing and dance, a lot of really talented girls who've been a part of it for a long time, and we're adding to it.”

Cyia; "My favorite part about the Dolls is the girls and our friendships and the freedom to be yourself. The whole experience is just a blast!"


Robin; “That's what it's about, people wanting to be involved with the Pussycat Dolls. They all respect what I've been doing and know it's a different audience. I don't know if they will all be a part of it, but we'll have a good selection of people.”


Robin about the upcoming album; It's not going to be your regular, you know, Destiny's Child goes on tour. It's going to be a show. It's a theatrical, incredible show. You'll walk in and be surrounded by the whole vibe. I've always loved the whole underground feeling of it, and we're still holding onto that too."


Robin about her influences; “My influences are all over, from punk to rock to disco. I've always called it rock and roll burlesque because I started it purely as a burlesque-inspired show, but it started to change right in front of my eyes, it became more organically this rock and roll flavor with Gwen and Christina. And that's exactly what I've always wanted to do”


Robin about the recording the CD; “We went into the studio and these girls who are amazing dancers got a chance to sing and everything fit so well. It's so fun and so sexy, it has the bump and grind feel, but still contemporary. It's just fun.”


Robin; “Everyone just responds because it's sexy and it's cool – I always have girls coming up to me after the show and saying they want to join us.”


Carmen; “I get the most famous people coming up to me begging to know how they can appear with us. I love doing the show - it makes me feel confident and sexy.”


Carmen; “The Pussycat Dolls are naughty but nice. We are very sexy but we don't strip naked, we just tease”


Ashley; “My favourite part of being a doll is being able to support being a confident and sexy woman”

Robin; “We invite the audience in, so it’s an experience for them. The girls onstage, and the audience down here, and then it all just get mixed together.“

Cyia; “The Pussycat Dolls really is an entirely immersive experience”


Carmen; “We’re a contemporary burlesque cabaret act. It’s kind of like striptease, it’s very sexy, but very classy.“


Carmen; “Dancing is my passion, it’s my first love, it’s so nice to get back to my roots and what I feel in my heart”


Carmit; “Pussycat Dolls is a celebration of our bodies. It is definitely sexy, but with lots of class.”


Robin; “ Pussycats are sexy, racy and… meow! But dolls are sweet, nice and wholesome. So there is a wholesome quality to the show.”


Robin about that one time they had corsets that were so tight they had to cut them off ;“Afterwards, all the girls compared battle scars. There were welts all over our bodies.”


Carmit; ”One time Cameron Diaz was so into the show she almost jumped up on the stage. Another time Justin Timberlake came up to me and said 'That was so hot!'”


Robin; “It’s not about seeing everything. It’s about what you can’t see that you want to see and thinking that you want to see it! But you don’t.”


Robin about the girl-on-girl tango number;  “It was a little tough rehearsing. The girls were really giggly and got a little frisky”


Jessica; "I love the choreography because it allows you to move free and sensual, and it feels so good to be girlie”.

***Interview with Robin Antin(Christina Applegate asks the questions)***

For those who don’t know yet, Robin, what is a Pussycat Doll? Are they strippers?

Robin; No!

Because people think that.

Robin; People love to think that. When you say; “I’m a dancer”, people go “Oh, really?”. But a Pussycat doll is professionally trained- from ballet, jazz and taps to ballroom dancing and gymnastics.  And a Pussycat doll is someone who has the right attitude- she’s sexy, she’s funny, she has a sense of humour, she’s smart, she’s really hot. (laughs) Maybe skinny, maybe not so skinny.

Can you talk about the evolution of the Pussycat Dolls?

Robin; Sure. As a professional dancer, I had always wanted to create my own style, so I pulled together four or five girlfriends who were awesome dancers, and we’d do these little showcases in Hollywood at places like the House Of Blues. After a while I wanted to the show at a club that was more intimate- and it was you(Christina Applegate), actually, who had the idea to take it to the Viper Room. When we were rehearsing, Johnny (Depp) came in and he was like; “This is so cool. This is why I opened the Viper Room, for this vibe”. He asked us to perform there at a weekly basis.

Can you describe the show’s vibe?

Robin; I wanted to do something that was non-stop fun – music, dancing and singing – from the second you walk in the door until the time you leave. You walk in and there are girls hanging off swings, talking to the audience, flirting with guys. They’re gum-chewing, wacky girls who are sexy but campy and have a sense of humour. The audience freaks out because there’re these incredibly hot girls coming through the audience, dancing and playing. I remember, as a little girl, my brother going to see The Rocky Horror Show. He came home and told me how Tim Curry came up through the audience. I always remembered how cool that was.

Who else inspired you?

Robin; The old pioneers of film dance like Cyd Charisse, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. And I’m really inspired by Bob Fosse- his films like Cabaret  and Sweet Charity. Everything from the costuming to the makeup to what his dancers were doing physically and as actors mattered with Fosse. I really identified with that.

Your costumes are so unique. How did you come up with that concept?

 Robin; I always loved the idea of a little frilly panty with garters and boots. I grew up sewing, so in the beginning I made all the costumes.

It’s kind of 30’s.

Robin; Yeah, it sort of goes from the ‘30s to the ‘60s, but it always have that twist, that rock ‘n’ roll edge. I just think it’s so sexy. It’s sort of a lot of clothing – but not (laughs)

But it’s classy enough that you don’t remember that you’re half-naked onstage. You feel sort of powerful and wonderful in these costumes.

Robin; ExactlyIt’s about being comfortable with being sexy and flirtatious and not taking it too seriously -  because it’s not serious. I don’t want to say we’re making fun of strippers, because that’s not nice, but we’re really having fun with it. Back in the days of burlesque there was so much fun to tease, which is much more exiting than something trying so hard to be sexy.

And now all these stars knocking down the door to be in the show. How did you get the celebrities involved?

Robin; Well, let’s start with you, since you such a star(Applegate laughs). Even when it was just a couple of dance numbers, you knew that it was something you wanted to be a part of. Gwen Stefani also came to see a show at the Viper Room, and she just loved it. Immediately, she was like “Oh, my god, this is exactly what I’ve always wanted to do!”. So we got her in the show.

Amazing. And Christina Aguilera…

Robin; The same thing. Chrsitina came down the night when Gwen was in it and immediately wanted to do it. Then there was Nikka Costa, Brittany Murphy, Charlize Theron…

And of course your headliner, Miss Carmen Electra.

Robin; Yes, Carmen. I really owe a lot to her. Everywhere she goes, she talks about the Pussycat Dolls. And she comes to every rehearsal on time, like you.

As the emcee, I looked into the audience and I was a little nervous, because half the people there, I wanted jobs from.

Robin; Yeah, directors, producers. Justin Timberlake, Tobey (Maguire) and Leo(DiCaprio).

And Hugh Hefner!

Robin; And his Bunnies! But you know what? As big as it is start getting, I don’t ever want to let it out from underneath me. I always want to keep that underground feeling.

What would you suggest to a woman who wanted to be a Pussycat Doll?

Robin; Be confident in your skin, and understand who you are and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Because inside every woman is a Pussycat Doll!

Robin; That’s right.


2004 Pussycat Dolls Life